Gillis Beach Boys

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Gillis Beach Boys
Welcome to the site of The Gillis Beach Boys. We are a group of handsome young men who went to Westchester High School in the early 1960’s. Every day during the summer, we were at the beach. The official name of the beach was Dockweiler State Beach. Our section was located where Gillis St. intersected Vista Del Mar. When we were not at the beach, we could usually be found at The Hamburger Handout, Westchester Park, or El Dorado Bowl.

Some of our original members include: Tom Babajian, Jack Beutler,
Bill Fagan, Jim Greenwald, Steve Greer, Greg Horsfield, Jim Huckstep, Willie Kilgore, Jim Oskins, Al Seth, Gary Stanley, Joe Strand, Howard Thrall, Bob Williamson, and Jerome Zellenack.

Do not be alarmed if you don’t see your name on this list. We are not an exclusive club, and everyone is welcome here. The only requirement is that you maintain a raunchy, ribald sense of humor. The only sin for a GBB is taking life too seriously.

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